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a community for those who like receiving packages!

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new members start here!
zombie_syndrome wrote in secret_swappers
new members start here!

Thanks for joining and welcome to Secret Swappers!

This community is for those who enjoy receiving packages year round! This is where you can participate in on-going package swaps by sending and receiving goodies via mail to/from other members. Please continue reading only if you are interested in participating in the swap. By joining this community, you are not automatically expected to participate.

Please fill out the following form and leave it in the comments. Moderators will pick your swap partner and a swap partner for you and send you their personal information via message as not to spoil the surprise!

lj username:
Favorite color(s):
Favorite genre of music & musical artists:
Favorite movie genre & favorite films:
Favorite tv shows/ series:
Favorite foods & candy:
Favorite types of animal(s):
Favorite books:
What sorts of things do you collect?:
Other hobbies & interests:
Where do you like to shop?:
Any piercings or tattoos? Where and how many?:
What sorts of things do you NOT wish to receive?:

The entry titled 'news' will be the place you'll go to learn what is currently going on within the community. It will be updated frequently with on-goings in the community, so please remember to check it!

Once you've sent your package please keep quiet about it until all members have sent/ received a package. As stated in FAQ's, we encourage you to reveal yourself to your swap partner in your package. If you are unable to send a package and are unable to do the swap for whatever reason, please contact a staff member immediately. Please contact a staff member if you have yet to receive your package after a week and a half.

once you've received your package, please, feel free to talk about it & share pictures with us! please place large images and entries behind lj cuts and tag your entries as 'package received MM/DD/YY, YOUR USERNAME' so we can keep up with everything.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please leave them here or send a mod a message. zombie_syndrome

Thanks for your interest in our community!


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