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secret swappers
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package swaps & swapping!


Secret Swappers is a community for those who enjoy getting packages in the mail year round. Similar to having a secret santa, this community will line you up with someone willing to send you a reasonable sized package and for you to send one in return to a third party. This is all just for fun and not all members are expected to send a package, just those who choose to participate. If interested in participating, please join the community then look for the 'new members' entry within the journal!

moderator: zombie_syndrome
moderator: open (apply within journal upon joining)
staff secretary: open (apply within journal upon joining)

[x] new members are REQUIRED to read the 'new members' entry upon joining the community.
[x] swaps will last around 2-3 weeks to insure all participating members receive their packages.
[x] news, themes and other current happenings will be posted weekly / bi-weekly under the 'current events' journal entry.
[x] deadbeats and scammers will not be tolerated. don't get someone's hopes up with the promise of a package if you can not come through with it.
[x] three strikes and you're out.
[x] do not harass other members or abuse your swap partner's address! immediately contact a staff member if you are having problems.
[x] if you cannot participate in a swap for whatever reason, please let a staff member know immediately!
[x] please refrain from including the following in your packages!:
- anything illegal
- pornography
- firearms & accessories
- anything perishable or messy
[x] once you've received your package, please, feel free to talk about it & share pictures with us! please place large images and entries behind lj cuts and tag your entries as 'package received MM/DD/YY, YOUR USERNAME' so we can keep up with everything.

Q. about how much should i spend on my swap partner?
A. we think $15 - $20 is reasonable, but it's totally up to you.

Q. when do we find out who our secret swapper is?
A. we recommend that each swapper reveal themselves somehow in their package. otherwise, you will not find out until the swap is closed and a new one begins.

Q. what if i have no idea what to get my swap partner?
A. try re-reading their application for the theme. if you're still out of ideas, send a staff member a message. we'll help as best as we can!

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